Pupstyle Houndbury Harness

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A truly stylish pup's wardrobe isn't complete without an iconic Plaid or Tartan dog harness like the Houndbury Harness! The creamy plaid print is paired with a gorgeous deep merlot red to give you an outfit that will be the envy of all other dogs in your neighbourhood who will be whispering jealousies as you walk on by! 


  • Step-in design that doesn’t go over your head – goodbye squished ears!
  • Comfy chest support that doesn’t rub around your legs or belly
  • Adjustable neck and chest straps for chubby days/growth spurts
  • Made from quick-drying, moisture-wicking polyester for breathable comfort
  • Optimised D-Ring position that pulls back from the front of the chest
  • Machine washable (your humans will love you!)
  • Instant style cred in social groups!

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