Frontier Pets Free Range Organic Pork Freeze Dried Complete & Balanced Diet

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manufactured in Evan's Head, NSW.

Frontier pet food is exactly the same as feeding your dog a hand prepared meat and vegetable meal - warm and fresh every time.

Freeze-drying removes the water from the raw product.  Reconstituting it simply means adding the water back in.  It’s NOT the same as just adding water to a dry product.  If you added water to dry kibble you wouldn’t be reconstituting the kibble, you’d just be making slush.  Frontier Pet food is brought back to its original form by adding the water.  We’re just not selling you the water

  • 300G bag makes 1.2kg
  • 900g bag makes 3.6kg
  • 2.8kg makes 11.2kg
  • 5kg makes 20kg

Our Free-Range Pork variety:

  • Is made from free-range, organic pork.
  • Contains offal from the same free-range Pork.
  • Contains beef tripe from free-range, grass fed beef.
  • Contains free-range, pasteurised eggs, organic fruit & vegetables, turmeric, linseed & almond meal and kelp.
  • Is low carbohydrate - less than 2%.
  • Is freeze-dried so that the colours, flavours, smells and nutritional content remain intact.
  • Provides a complete balanced food developed in conjunction with an holistic animal nutritionist & vet, with over 30 years experience.
  • Is suitable for all breeds in all life stages.
  • Is proudly 100% Australian made & owned.
  • Contains only human grade ingredients.
  • Is easily stored as it requires no refrigeration, takes up minimal shelf space and has a super long shelf life.
  • Weighs four times less than traditional dog food, so it's easy to carry and is fabulous for travelling.
  • Is ultra convenient - just add warm water.
  • Is more satisfying with most dogs taking longer to eat it than traditional food.

Most Importantly, your dog will benefit... it will be healthier, have more vitality and will be more likely to maintain a healthy weight.

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