There is no such thing as good quality kibble!

As Canine Nutritionists we do not believe there is such a thing as good quality kibble. BUT we are here to support you to help your dog live a healthier life and to inspire you to introduce some fresh food into your dogs diet of you wish or feel you need to continue to feed kibble.
So here’s our top tips for Kibble feeders,
1. Only buy bags that last a maximum of 2 weeks ( after this the bag will be rancid )
2. Always add fresh Broccoli 🥦 at least 3 times per week , lightly steamed and blended or chopped. Studies show adding broccoli to a kibble diet at least 3 times per week will reduce cancer rates by up to 90%.
3. Always soak the kibble in water before feeding to stop the dry kibble causing dehydration in your dogs body.
4. Never leave kibble out all day, only feed meals and if not eaten take away. The fats and oils in kibble can oxidise quickly therefore your may be feeding your dog rancid fats by the end of the day, rancid fats have been directly linked to cancer.
5. Keep the kibble in its original packaging ! It is designed to keep the food fresher for longer, never put kibble in a plastic container.
We hope this post helps you and your doggie’s 🐾
If you need more help with your dogs diet please reach out through Maggie’s Dog Wellness or visit us in store to chat to Lisa or Eden 🐾🐾