The BARF Diet.

In the raw feeding world, there are a few different diet structures you can choose to follow for your dog.
These include the Frankenprey diet - where you feed whole carcasses of prey animals as 'nature intended', or,
The BARF diet - founded by Dr. Ian Billinghurst and standing for Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding, or Bones and Raw Food.
I follow the BARF diet, which uses rough percentages to measure daily bone, organ, muscle meat and plant matter intake.
For maintaining weight, dogs should eat between 2.5%-3% of their bodyweight per day.
Using the BARF model, this looks like:
60% muscle meat*.
10-15% bone.
10% organ (of which 5% must be Liver).
10% Fruits and Vegetables.
5% Seeds/Nuts/Supplements.
*When using Poultry or Ruminants (cattle, goat, lamb), we should be adding 30g of quality fish meat (Salmon is perfect), per every 450g of muscle meat to balance fats.
At 15kg Maggie eats approximately 400-450g of food per day.
At 24kg Otis eats 600g of food per day.