How much is too much?

There is a quick calculation you can do to ensure you're feeding the correct amount of food to your adult dog.
Weight loss/low activity = 2% of bodyweight/day.
Maintenance = 2.5% of bodyweight/day.
Weight gain/high energy requirement = 3% of bodyweight/day.
So at 25kgs Otis needs to hold his weight, which means I would feed him 2.5% of his bodyweight per day.
This would look like:
25,000g x 2.5% = 625g.
Otis receives this over the course of two meals.
At 16kg and far more hyper than Otis, I feed Maggie between 2.75-3% of her bodyweight per day
This would look like:
16,000g x 3% = 480g.
Like Otis, she is fed this over the course of two meals every day.
This is not an exact science, and you feed, watch, and react to any changes in weight to decrease or increase intake until they maintain a healthy body condition.
🐾 Eden.