Choosing the picture of a healthy meal

Choosing the healthy foods from the imagery is easy, in fact, it's instinctual.

So how did we come to believe that the processed, (decades long) shelf-stable, synthetically reinforced kibbles were safe for our dogs?

Damn. Good. Marketing.

According to, the pet food industry spent a staggering $130 000 000 on marketing expenditure in the last year.

Colgate-Palmolive, owners of Hill's Science Diet Prescription Dog Food, generated a revenue of 2.2 billion dollars from the brand. All despite an active class action lawsuit. Excessive levels of Vitamin D in their products due to "supplier error" exposed many dogs to irreversible kidney damage, resulting in death. TWENTY FIVE of their product lines were recalled after being found dangerous.

Keeping consumers loyal while facing a lawsuit claiming you've poisoned their pets?

That's some damn good marketing.

Ignore the fancy packaging, the misleading wording, and cleverly constructed advertising campaigns and in-store visuals. Choosing the right foods for our dogs is as much an instinctive ability as it is a science.